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96. Monday, April 10th

Good afternoon everyone. It's Noah back with your Afternoon update. We are kicking the week off with a bang. It was a bluebird day with temperatures in the 60s, perfect spring skiing weather if you ask me! 😎 Abby didn't make it back in town in time to meet Dave and I so there was no DNA today, but Rachel took her place, and we were able to meet up with our other snow reporter Jessie too! 👬👭

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Party laps!

Jessie here with your Monday snow report. If you ask me, there’s no better way to start the week than enjoying some spring skiing at Okemo! I began my day with some great runs on Chief, Nor’Easter, and World Cup to get my legs going. After getting warmed up I was able to meet up with Noah for a run – a rare treat since we often coordinate skiing on different days to get you as many reports as possible! I took my 11 and 12 o’clock meetings from my mobile (car) office – living my best self-employed remote worker life over here I had so much fun this morning that I decided to get my work done at the mountain and run back out for a few more runs after lunchtime!

While Jessie was off taking some meetings Dave, Rachel, and I made our way across the mountain hitting all our favorites which included multiple trips to the halfpipe. 🥇 This snow is very soft, thick cream cheese kind of snow, it's heavy so you need to know when to power through it and when to stay light on your feet. 🪶 After a quick break at The Bull for some fried pickles and a beverage, we met up with some of our other local friends for some party laps. 🥳 Our last run was the best of the day by far, we hit up Muellers' Run to Shachem. The snow was soft and mushy, not any different than the rest of the mountain, but skiing with a big group of people is always fun, everyone is having a good time, hooting and hollering, enjoying the perfect weather and being out with friends.


Pro Tip: The warm weather this week has many of us opting for lighter layers – remember to transfer your ski pass to the right pocket when you switch to your spring gear! Don’t be like us and leave it in the wrong jacket...


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 66/122

🚡 Lift Count: 3/20

☀️Weather: Sunny, temps in the 60s


“I just left my phone on the bubble..."– Dave O


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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