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42. Saturday, February 4th

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

It is COLD today, there is no question about that. I (Noah) am not going to give you any information that will change that fact, but I do have some insights on what it was like out there and some ideas about how to stay warm. Okemo will be opening at 9 AM this morning so that gives the mountain an extra hour to warm up a bit. Abby is currently at home sleeping but she did want me to relay something to you all, "Talk about how I was in bed with my sleeping mask, heating pad. 4 blankets, and a dog while you were in -20 lol"

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
That sunrise though.

This morning my car read -15°, but the clock/temperature sign at the bottom of the access road said -19°. At these temperatures, it really doesn't matter what the number says, it was cold! I was excited though, what's the point of having all the cold weather gear if you never get to use it? It was a peaceful morning, calm in the base area, a deep blue sky, and the fiery glow of the morning cresting the mountains in the East. By the time I made it to the summit, my face was covered in snow and Ice from my breath freezing on my face but my spirits were high, I live for these types of backyard adventures.

Today's run down was the best of the year for me. The snow is just perfect, crisp, with just enough depth to really get an edge, and the views made you feel like you were in a Warren Miller movie. If you can brave the cold you will agree. The snowmakers were taking a night off but the groomers did their job last night giving us the product that they are known for, perfect grooming. There are 118 trails and 19 lifts on the docket today. The mountain is opening at 9 AM today and high winds are expected, follow @OkemoConditions Twitter for real-time updates. It is going to be a sunny day which doesn't make it much warmer but it does help with morale.


Pro Tip: Avoid any exposed skin in weather like this, particularly around your goggles, it is easy to miss the tip of your nose or the sides of your cheeks.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 118

🚡 Lift Count: 19

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: 💤

🌡️ -20 to a high of 6 later in the day. Wind chill warning until 1 p.m. Saturday.

Our friends at The Boot Pro are running a sale that you'll want to take advantage of. All of their heated items are 20% off right now! ❤️‍🔥 Visit their shop at the base of the access road to check out their Hotronic boot warmers and heated socks, Hestra heated mitts and gloves, and heated vests. I (Noah) just picked up a Black Diamond Vision Down Parka for today's excursion and am in love!

Warm up at some of our favorite local eateries and establishments: Main + Mountain, The Loft, The Killarney, Homestyle Hotel, Off the Rails, Gamebird, Outer Limits, DJs, Eight Oh Brew, 43 North, The Bull, Stemwinder, Mojo Cafe, Goodman's American Pie, and Tacos Tacos, to name a few! 🍽️


"I just hiked up a mountain in -20° and when I get to the top and my coffee is too hot to drink..." -Noah ☕️

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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