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A pre-winter buzz filled the marketing office at Okemo on a crisp morning in November of 2017. The team was frantically posting pictures of the overnight snowfall to increase the online hype. The newly-hired Marketing Coordinator, Abby, not only hadn't skied at Okemo before, but it was her first job out of college. At the height of her panic, in walked her newest team member, Noah.

Noah knew all the names of the trails, lifts, managers, and employees. His ties to Okemo and deep knowledge of the resort was the perfect asset that Abby (and the rest of the marketing team) needed. Most importantly, they found the face of their new Snow Reporter...and a familiar face at that. 

Abby and Noah spent that winter season co-parenting the Okemo Snow Report. They delivered a mountain update without ever missing a day. Their videographer placed their video reports at the top of the charts. In no time, Abby and Noah were being recognized by locals and visitors. Their forced work-relationship quickly turned into a true friendship. Together, they skied over 150 days that season. 

Fast forward to December of 2022. Over the past 5 years, Abby and Noah have done it all together: roommates, quarantine buddies, ski touring partners, business consultants, and pet/house sitters. Noah watched Abby get married to her husband, Danny. Abby helped plan Noah's engagement to his fiance, Rachel. You know how they say "no friends on a powder day"? Well, Abby and Noah defy that rule over and over again. They are your friendly neighborhood snow reporters.


meet ABBY

A true New England gal, Abby was born in Providence, Rhode Island and has ties to New Hampshire and Maine. Currently, she resides in Ludlow, Vermont with her husband, Danny. Graduating from the University of Vermont in 2017, her love for skiing found her a job at Okemo Mountain Resort. In 2020, she opened Wavy Grape, a Graphic Design Studio and is living her dream of having a career in the art space. Her creativity, love for the mountains, and her office dog, Maple, make her a valuable asset to the Unofficial Okemo team.

meet NOAH

A local legend, Noah was born and raised in Ludlow, Vermont. His family has a long history of community-building and forward-thinking here in Ludlow—ranging from work on Okemo Mountain to property management, education and involvement in local government. Noah’s great-grandfather was involved in the building of Okemo Mountain Ski area in 1956 as well as installation of the first Poma Ski lift. Graduating from the University of Vermont in 2016, his love for his town and family brought him home. He is now the owner of Open Door Vacation Rentals. He wants visitors to experience his hometown to the fullest, with a rental company that truly gets it.



Unofficial Okemo, an unaffiliated and local snow reporting venture, is guided by our five company core values:


Authenticity: We focus on sharing our most authentic self with down-to-earth snow reports, while promoting products and businesses we truly believe in.


Inclusiveness: We choose to create a safe online space for skiers and riders, no matter your ability level, ski knowledge, or ski days per year.


Creativity: We aim to offer a unique and personal perspective on ski conditions throughout our snow reports, social media channels, and brand.


Adventure: We believe you can find the greatest adventures right outside your back door. 


Community: We strive to create a positive community with a shared love of winter in Ludlow, Vermont.

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