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66. Sunday, March 5th

When we get double the amount of snow as the length of a Singleton's sandwich, you know two things: 1. The skiing is incredibly good and everyone is finally happy, and 2. You're now craving a 'Perky Turkey' or 'The Biggie' for lunch. The mountain is clocking in 14 inches of snow that has fallen within the last 48 hours, which means y'all need to get your booty to the mountain while the gettin' is good. We have a very special group of celebrity snow reporters today who deserve a shoutout, mainly because one of them decided to spend the rest of her life with Noah (still trying to figure that one out 😉). Thank you to Rachel, Abigail, Blakely, Zoe, and Joe for capturing content and intel for Noah to write today's snow report...

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Celebrity snow reporter sighting!

Back in November, I agreed to be on call for snow plowing this weekend, as luck would have it, we got snow and a lot of it. So I got to spend my weekend pushing snow while everyone else was out enjoying this wonderful gift. Fortunately, we have some great friends who stepped up to give us our intel. After the snowstorm, the mountain is 100% open, aside from the few trails on hold for racing. ☃️ As the temperatures warmed yesterday and today the snow became heavier and wetter. This type of snow is perfect snowball snow, it compacts well and is great for tree skiing.

We are experiencing some snow flurries on the summit today which reduces visibility a bit. This snow also makes it easy for some bumps to develop on high-traffic trails, however, I actually enjoy this, but be aware. The girls and Joe are off to ski some woods but Riley Karl had a few words for us before we leave you: “sticky very smooth and buttery”. 🧈 It sounds like they are having a blast out there and conditions are in top shape. I am looking forward to getting out there tomorrow, for now, that is all we got. Mid-week skiing is back tomorrow, we will have a pretty mellow week weather-wise before another storm approaches next week. Have fun out there and remember to think snow!


Pro Tip: The conditions are still worth skipping work tomorrow...just saying.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 118/126 (but really 100%, just got some trails on race hold)

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20

🔫 Snowmaking: Who's she?

❄️ Snowfall: 14" Total!


"We are the celebrity unofficials!" - Rachel 🪅

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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